MUB Medical Joins Aleap

Aleap for health startups

MUB Medical Joins Aleap in Oslo to Accelerate Commercialization

We are thrilled to announce that MUB Medical Solutions has joined Aleap, the largest incubator for health startups in the Nordics. This exciting partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize wound closure with our innovative product, Sutrips.

Aleap’s unique incubator model is designed to support ambitious entrepreneurs in building successful growth companies. With access to world-class competence, a vast network of industry experts, and funding opportunities, we are confident that our membership with Aleap will propel us forward on our mission.

Ubbat Ocak and Yasar Shaikh, CEOs of MUB Medical, express their enthusiasm about this collaboration. They firmly believe that joining Aleap will provide them with invaluable knowledge and connections that will expedite the process of bringing Sutrips to the market.

By becoming a part of Aleap, we are aligning ourselves with a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded innovators and industry leaders. This collaboration will undoubtedly foster an environment of collaboration, learning, and growth, enabling us to make a tangible impact in the field of wound closure.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aleap for their belief in our vision and for providing us with this remarkable opportunity. We are excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to leveraging the resources and support offered by Aleap to bring Sutrips to healthcare providers and patients worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and transform the landscape of wound closure.

Do you know that  MUB Medical Visited Center for Surgical Science at Zealand University Hospital last week?


Visiting Center For Surgical Science


MUB Medical Visits Center for Surgical Science at Zealand University Hospital

Last week, the team at MUB Medical had the privilege of visiting the prestigious Center for Surgical Science at Zealand University Hospital in Denmark. The visit proved to be an enlightening experience, as we engaged in fruitful discussions about our patented suturing technology and its potential to revolutionize the suturing process.

During our conversation, we received valuable feedback on our flagship product, Sutrips, which has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of suturing procedures. However, the benefits of our technology didn’t stop there. We were thrilled to discover that it holds promise for various other types of operations as well.

Building upon this positive interaction, we are excited to announce that we will be initiating collaborative work with the Center for Surgical Science to explore the development of a potential spin-off product based on our core patent. This collaboration opens up new avenues for innovation and reinforces our commitment to advancing medical technologies.

At MUB Medical, we understand the importance of engaging with end-users and gathering industry insights. It is through these interactions that we can refine our products to better meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed institutions like the Center for Surgical Science and look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of transforming the field of wound closure and improving healthcare outcomes.

Explore Patent Issued in Australia.


Patent Issued in Australia



MUB Medical Secures Patent Approval for Sutrips in Australia

MUB Medical Solutions, a leading innovator in the field of wound closure, is thrilled to announce the approval and issuance of a patent for their groundbreaking product, Sutrips, in Australia.

The approval of the patent marks a significant milestone for MUB Medical, validating the uniqueness and inventive attributes of Sutrips. This achievement reinforces the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the field of wound closure and making a lasting impact on patient care worldwide.

Australia, with its thriving healthcare sector and commitment to innovation, is a strategic market for MUB Medical. The patent approval strengthens the company’s intellectual property rights and positions them for growth and market expansion in the region.

Sutrips, a state-of-the-art solution developed by MUB Medical, empowers healthcare professionals to efficiently and effectively close wounds. By enabling on-site wound closure, Sutrips eliminates the need for immediate patient transportation to medical facilities, resulting in improved outcomes and cost savings for healthcare providers.

“We are delighted to receive patent approval for Sutrips in Australia,” said Ubbat Ocak, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of MUB Medical Solutions. “This significant milestone reflects our dedication to innovation and our mission to enhance wound closure practices globally. We are excited to bring Sutrips to healthcare professionals in Australia, enabling them to deliver optimal care to patients.”

MUB Medical Solutions remains committed to protecting their intellectual property and ensuring that Sutrips continues to deliver groundbreaking solutions to the wound closure industry. The company’s ongoing efforts to secure patents in key strategic markets demonstrate their dedication to providing the best possible IP protection for their partners and customers.

With the Australian patent approval, MUB Medical is poised to expand its presence in the region, bringing the benefits of Sutrips to healthcare professionals and patients across the country.

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Patent approved in South Africa

MUB Medical Secures Patent in South Africa, Advancing Accessible Wound Closure in Africa

MUB Medical Solutions, a leading innovator in the field of healthcare, is delighted to announce the successful granting of a patent for their revolutionary wound closure device, Sutrips, in South Africa. This patent approval marks a significant step forward in MUB Medical’s mission to improve access to effective wound closure solutions across the African continent.

South Africa, with its vast rural areas and limited access to medical facilities, faces unique challenges when it comes to wound care. Time, distance, and the cost of treatments are major considerations for both healthcare providers and patients. Recognizing this pressing need, MUB Medical developed Sutrips, which stands as one of the simplest and most efficient wound closure devices globally.

Sutrips empowers healthcare workers, including non-specialists, to confidently and securely close wounds on-location, eliminating the need for transportation to distant medical facilities. This breakthrough technology not only saves precious time but also reduces the financial burden associated with traditional wound closure methods.

By securing the patent in South Africa, MUB Medical paves the way for wider adoption of Sutrips throughout the African continent. The company remains committed to transforming wound closure by making it accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their geographical location.

The granting of the patent in South Africa reinforces MUB Medical’s dedication to improving healthcare outcomes and addressing the specific needs of communities in rural areas. This achievement sets the stage for expanding partnerships, collaborating with healthcare providers, and delivering high-quality wound closure solutions that positively impact patient care.

MUB Medical is excited to continue its journey of innovation and looks forward to working closely with healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and partners across Africa to revolutionize wound closure and improve the lives of patients everywhere.

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