Patent Issued in Euroasia

MUB Medical Secures Patent Approval in the Euroasia Region, Unlocking New Business

The approval of the patent in Euroasian countries marks a major achievement for MUB Medical. It validates the unique and innovative nature of their product and establishes a strong legal foundation for protecting their intellectual property in these countries. With the Euroasia region being a prominent market in the medical sector, this patent approval opens up exciting prospects for MUB Medical to expand their presence and drive growth.

By securing the patent in the Euroasia region, MUB Medical gains a competitive edge and enhanced market positioning. It enables them to explore new partnerships, collaborations, and licensing opportunities within this dynamic and rapidly evolving region. The patent approval not only solidifies MUB Medical’s commitment to innovation but also reinforces their dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to healthcare professionals and improving patient outcomes.

“We are delighted to receive patent approval in the Euroasia region,” said Ubbat Ocak, Founder of MUB Medical. “This is a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team. It opens up exciting possibilities for us to expand our presence in this strategically developing region and collaborate with key stakeholders to make a positive impact on healthcare.”

With the patent now in place, MUB Medical is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for their innovative solutions in the Euroasia region. They are excited about the future possibilities and are committed to delivering excellence in medical technology while driving positive change in healthcare systems across the Euroasia region.

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Innovation Norway Grant Funding

MUB Medical Secures Funding from Innovation Norway to Advance Innovation and Development Efforts

MUB Medical Solutions, a leading medical technology company, is excited to announce that it has been granted funding from Innovation Norway, a government agency supporting innovation and development in various industries. This funding will play a crucial role in propelling MUB Medical’s ongoing work towards prototyping, developing mass production methodologies, and assessing the feasibility of its groundbreaking medical solutions.

The funding received from Innovation Norway serves as a validation of MUB Medical’s innovative approach and underscores the agency’s confidence in the company’s potential to drive advancements in the medical technology sector. With this financial support, MUB Medical will be able to further accelerate its research and development initiatives, bringing them closer to the realization of their transformative medical solutions.

MUB Medical’s focus on prototyping and developing mass production methodologies will enable the company to enhance the scalability and efficiency of its products, making them accessible to a broader audience. By leveraging the funding from Innovation Norway, MUB Medical aims to streamline its manufacturing processes, optimize cost-efficiency, and ensure the highest quality standards for its medical solutions.

Moreover, the feasibility assessment made possible by this funding will provide valuable insights into the practicality and potential impact of MUB Medical’s innovative concepts. This crucial step will help guide the company’s future endeavors, ensuring that their solutions align with market needs and regulatory requirements.

Securing funding from Innovation Norway represents a significant milestone for MUB Medical. It not only provides the financial support necessary for continued progress but also acknowledges the company’s dedication to driving innovation in the medical technology field. The funding reinforces MUB Medical’s commitment to transforming healthcare practices and improving patient outcomes through cutting-edge solutions.

MUB Medical is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Innovation Norway and leverage their expertise and resources. This partnership will enable the company to leverage a broad range of support services, networks, and guidance, ultimately accelerating the development and commercialization of their groundbreaking medical solutions.

As MUB Medical moves forward with its prototyping, mass production development, and feasibility assessment, the company remains committed to collaboration, research, and a patient-centered approach. They continue to seek out opportunities for partnerships and industry collaborations to further advance their mission of revolutionizing healthcare through innovative technology.

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Patent Granted in Norway


MUB Medical Secures National Patent for Sutrips in Norway, Advancing Global Patenting Strategy

MUB Medical Solutions, a leading medical technology company based in Skien, Norway, is thrilled to announce the successful granting of a national patent for their innovative wound closure device, Sutrips. This milestone marks the completion of the first step in MUB Medical’s comprehensive global patenting strategy for Sutrips.

The granting of the national patent in Norway validates the uniqueness and inventiveness of Sutrips, further solidifying MUB Medical’s position as a pioneer in the field of wound closure. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the MUB Medical team, as well as their commitment to driving advancements in healthcare.

Sutrips, an all-in-one device for wound closure, has been meticulously designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. It empowers healthcare professionals to securely close wounds with ease, offering a user-friendly solution that enhances patient care and improves treatment outcomes.

Securing the national patent in Norway is a significant milestone for MUB Medical, enabling them to protect their intellectual property rights and pave the way for future commercialization opportunities. This achievement not only reinforces MUB Medical’s commitment to innovation but also positions them as a key player in the global wound closure market.

As part of its broader global patenting strategy, MUB Medical will continue pursuing patent registrations in strategic markets worldwide. By safeguarding their intellectual property, MUB Medical aims to ensure the long-term success and market exclusivity of Sutrips, while advancing their mission to transform wound closure practices and improve patient well-being globally.

The completion of the first step in the global patenting strategy marks an exciting phase for MUB Medical. With their base in Skien, Norway, the company is proud to contribute to the nation’s thriving innovation ecosystem and drive advancements in healthcare technology. This achievement strengthens MUB Medical’s position as a leader in the field and opens doors for further growth and collaboration opportunities.

MUB Medical remains committed to ongoing research, development, and collaboration with healthcare professionals and industry partners. They continue to explore new avenues for advancing wound closure practices and delivering innovative solutions that positively impact patients’ lives.

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Norsk Katapult Grant Funding


Funding Foster Collaboration with Norner for Advancement of Sutrips

MUB Medical Solutions, a pioneering medical technology company, is thrilled to announce that it has secured funding from Norsk Katapult, a leading organization supporting innovation and technology development in Norway. This funding will facilitate a close collaboration between MUB Medical and Norner, a renowned industrial polymer Research & Development center with extensive expertise in the polymer and plastics industry.

Norner, boasting over 40 years of experience, stands as a prominent hub for cutting-edge polymer research and development. With a diverse team of 92 employees representing 16 nationalities, Norner is at the forefront of exciting advancements in the field. The collaboration between MUB Medical and Norner represents a significant opportunity to leverage Norner’s wealth of knowledge and resources in the pursuit of furthering the development of Sutrips.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to validate and optimize the design of Sutrips, ensuring its compatibility with medical-grade materials and refining the production methodology. Norner’s deep understanding of polymer science and their proficiency in conducting rigorous testing will be instrumental in assessing the performance, durability, and safety aspects of Sutrips. The ultimate aim is to enhance the functionality and reliability of Sutrips, paving the way for its successful implementation in clinical settings.

The funding provided by Norsk Katapult serves as a testament to MUB Medical’s innovative approach and reinforces the importance of fostering collaborations between industry leaders. This support not only validates the potential of Sutrips but also underscores the significance of advancing medical technology solutions to address critical healthcare challenges.

MUB Medical is excited to embark on this collaborative journey with Norner and is confident that this partnership will yield valuable insights and advancements in the development of Sutrips. By combining Norner’s extensive expertise with MUB Medical’s dedication to innovation and patient-centric design, the collaboration aims to accelerate the progress of Sutrips, ensuring its readiness for market entry.

As the collaboration with Norner unfolds, MUB Medical remains committed to its mission of revolutionizing wound closure and improving patient outcomes. The company believes that by working closely with industry leaders and research institutions, it can foster innovation, drive advancements, and positively impact healthcare practices.

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