Sutrips is a simple and knotless wound closure device

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+ Handle
+ Lock
+ Strip
+ Surgical needle


Sutrips is much more than a product. It’s a key to a world where everyone
has access to affordable and safe wound closure.

Fast and secure

Fast and secure

Up to 4 times faster than classic stitching, leading to more productivity



Short learning curve and easy to operate

Save time & money

Save time & money

Contain medical costs by reducing the need for multiple surgical tools, cleaning and re-sterilization

Ready for use

Ready for use

Sterilized and pre-loaded in single packaging, ready for use

Single time use

Single time use

All-in one and single time use device. Enabling on-site wound closure

Planet friendly

Planet friendly

Sutrips reduces the need for steel based surgical tools, providing a better environment


Sutrips assists healthcare professionals in their daily practice, supporting them in their day-to-day activities.


"As an emergency physician, Sutrips reduces my time devoted to suturing and I can confidentially hand over the task of minor suturing to nurses and focus on critical tasks."

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"I don't spend time on cleaning and sterillising surgical tool. Sutrips enables me to help patients with acute injuries. Patients no longer wait for doctors to become free"

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"With little training, I learned to close acute wounds on site. Our villagers get access to fast, safe and affordable wound treatment. Sutrips help them save time and money to travel to regional hospitals."

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We treat minor/injuries on site, reducing stress and save waiting time at ER. It provides security and safety and contribute to quality of life for our senior citizens

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. Feel free to reach out to us for any additional questions you may have.

Is Sutrips versatile enough to be used on wounds of various shapes, lengths, and body zones?

Indeed, we recognize that each wound is unique and requires specific care. Whether it's the placement, shape, or length, different tensions are necessary to effectively close the wound. Sutrips addresses this requirement by offering adjustable tension through its lock system, ensuring proper closure for a wide range of wound types.

Is Sutrips non-absorbable?

Indeed, the initial version of Sutrips is non-absorbable. It is recommended to remove it approximately 7-10 days after the wound has healed.

How do I apply Sutrips?

To apply Sutrips, follow these straightforward steps: Begin by penetrating the skin with the pre-loaded Sutrips device. As the anchors emerge from the opposite side of the wound, retract the needle. Next, hold the Sutrips tail in an upward position, and push the lock downward to securely close the wound.

Who can apply Sutrips?

Sutrips is a user-friendly, knotless suturing device that requires minimal training. As a result, healthcare personnel with varying levels of experience can confidently utilize it to close acute wounds.

How thin is Sutrips compared to suture threads?

Sutrips is designed to have a comparable thickness to conventional suture threads. Specifically, Sutrips 3 has a thickness equivalent to conventional 3-0 threads, Sutrips 4 has a thickness equivalent to conventional 4-0 threads, and Sutrips 5 has a thickness equivalent to conventional 5-0 threads.

Can veterinarians use Sutrips on animals?

Sutrips isn't just for humans; it's a versatile solution for both humans and animals alike. From domestic pets to wildlife, Sutrips offers a seamless approach to wound closure across species. Our innovative technology caters to the unique needs of animals, ensuring effective and efficient healing. Sutrips enables veterinary professionals to provide the same level of personalized care to our furry and feathered friends.


Sutrips embodies the Scandinavian ethos of balance
and connection. Sutrips simplifies wound closure
with these principles in mind.


  4 components only

  0,3 gram

  5 cm total length

  Non-absorbable medical plastic

  Strength up to 30N force


We are a tight-knit group of passionate individuals united by a common goal: to ensure that wound closure is accessible and affordable for people worldwide, regardless of their location or circumstances.

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Elen Brendeford

Patent Attorney Onsagers

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Andreea Harjanu

Brand & Marketing Manager


Presenting a comprehensive roadmap of our product, showcasing the significant milestones from the initial phase to delivery and upcoming updates.


Seeking global partners




Patent approved Indonesia


Prototyping and testing


Patent approved in EU, Euroasia, Australia and South-Africa


Material selection, prototyping


Patent application filed


Trademark registration

JULY 2018

Research and Development



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