Established in 2018 by Ubbat Ocak, a medical doctor, and Yasar Shaikh, a business administrator, MUB Medical is driven by a common vision: to revolutionize the field of wound closure. United by their shared passion for transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary, they aim to reimagine the way medical practitioners and patients approach wound closure.

A Life-Changing Moment: Ocak’s journey to designing Sutrips® sparked by a heart-wrenching emergency room experience with his young son

Following an emotionally challenging emergency room visit with his young son, Ocak recognized the need for a simpler and more efficient method of suturing, independent of a medical worker’s expertise in tying surgical knots.

MUB Medical was founded on the core principles of Efficiency, Excellence, and Simplicity, driving the development of innovative medical devices that enhance the daily lives of healthcare professionals. This unique combination has resulted in the creation of groundbreaking device that simplify procedures and improve patient care.

MUB Medical - About Us

Embracing the Infinite: Sutrips® Unites Revolutionary Suturing with Norwegian Reliability

Drawing inspiration from the concept of infinity, Sutrips® blends cutting-edge suturing solutions with the unwavering dependability rooted in its Norwegian origins, symbolized by the colors of the Norwegian flag. The pursuit of innovation by Sutrips® forms an eternal cycle, honoring its proud Scandinavian heritage and embodying a perpetual exploration of new possibilities. The logo serves as a reminder to approach the suturing process mindfully, appreciating the boundless potential that Sutrips® offers.

Sutrips – A Distinctive and Accessible Choice

At MUB Medical, we strongly believe that a remarkable brand name should effectively communicate with customers. Sutrips embodies this belief as it combines the words “suturing” and “strips,” succinctly describing its function. This distinctive and memorable name is innovative, being a new word crafted specifically for our product. Starting with ‘S’ and ending with ‘S,’ it is not only accessible but also easy to interpret, pronounce, and spell. Furthermore, Sutrips holds universal appeal and is safeguarded as a registered trademark in multiple countries.